Sunday, January 19, 2014

Woman Calls her Childhood Rapist in Alhambra, CA

In the following video, you will see Jamie contacting Andrea Cardosa, Student Services Assistant Principal at Alhambra High School in Alhambra, CA, who she claims to have molested her for many years. She states it began when Mrs. Cardosa was a teacher at Chemewa Middle School, in Moreno Valley,  and Jamie was only 12 years old. Jamie posted the video on Friday January 17th on her YouTube channel and the next day posted the video on several major news station Facebook pages along with this message :

This teacher worked in Riverside, Perris, Moreno Valley, Hesperia, Coalinga, and Alhambra at various Middle Schools and high schools. Her current position is with Alhambra High School - Alhambra, CA as an Assistant Principal. There could very well be more victims besides myself... I was contacted shortly after posting this video on youtube by police. An investigation has been started and I was wrong about the statute of limitations being up. I am moving forward with my case and I am reaching out to everyone to find out if she has wronged anyone else. Please like and share this post with your family and friends.
I know its not easy to come forward but it needs to be done. She needs to be held accountable for what she has done. She should not be around children.


Everyone in the Alhambra High School - Alhambra, CA and Alhambra School District, please watch and help me expose this monster that is in your School District RIGHT NOW! If there is anyone that watches this that is also been a victim like me, please contact the local authorities. I know it's not easy to come forward, but it needs to be done.  

This picture has surfaced on the web as the alleged perpetrator, Andrea Cardosa.

UPDATE JANUARY 20TH: An assistant principal at Alhambra High School has resigned after being confronted in a surreptitiously recorded telephone conversation aired on YouTube with accusations, which she appeared to confirm, that she molested a female student at a Moreno Valley middle school for three years. The alleged victim, Jamie Carrillo, claimed the abuse -- allegedly at the hands of Andrea Cardosa -- began when she was 12 years old and a student at Chemawa Middle School in Moreno Valley ... Carrillo said the former coach, whom she knew as Ms. Cardosa and who was subsequently identified in broadcast reports as Andrea Cardosa, began sexually molesting her when she was 12. She said it started with the woman kissing her in the locker room and progressed to the point where she was taking her on trips out of town to have sex. The Alhambra Unified School District confirmed that the administrator was no longer with the district. (MYFOXLA)